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16.11. | 20 Uhr
Aktuelle Kurzfilme aus der Ost-Ukraine

Eine Veranstaltung mit der Unterstützung des Filmfestivals Cottbus!

Ukraine 2012-17 | 80 Minuten | Ukrainisch und Russisch mit englischen Untertiteln | Kurzfilmprogramm | R: diverse

Nach einer längeren Sommerpause setzen wir nun unseren monatlich stattfindenden ukrainischen Filmclub fort. Auf dem Programm diesmal eine Auswahl von aktuellen Kurzfilmen aus der Ost-Ukraine. Gezeigt werden:

Ma (МА)
Made in Mariupol & Kyiv – 17 min – R: Maria Stoianova
Mom is feeding great tits from the window of the high-rise building in Mariupol and grows queen apples in her summerhouse near the battle line. While telling about her unsophisticated life, the woman shoots videos on a small camera for her daughter in Kyiv who is often busy. To make the conversation last, she feeds fairytales and morels to her grown up kid.

Girnyk (ГІРНИК)
Made in Girnyk – 10 min – R: Maria Voronchuk
Following the long absence I’m back in the hometown to witness it’s transformation through the opinions of the people now living there. The bus, according to the schedule, is going to the local mine, the sound of cannonade is heard sometimes, but the streets are filled with the spring holiday and hopes for better life…

Me and Mariupol (Я І МАРІУПОЛЬ)
Made in Mariupol – 10 min – R: Piotr Armianovski
For the first time I saw the sea in Mariupol. I think this town has got a fairy tale. After 20 years I went on to find it.

Svetlograd (СВІТЛОГРАД)
Made in Lysychanst, Severodonetsk & Rubizhne – 15 min – R: Alina Yakubenko
Pseudo documentary video piece in the form of an interview, which tells a fantastic story about Svitlohrad becoming a center of modern art due to unclear and fantastic circumstances connected to the closing of Azot factory.

Steelmakers (МЕТАЛУРГИ)
Made in Mariupol – 7 min – R: Yevgen Nikiforov
Mariupol is a town with one of the richest and diverse collections of Soviet monumental mosaics in Ukraine. Do locals consider their mosaics to be decorations of the town/district/building/factory and do they realize their art value? Could they compare themselves today to the people pictured in mosaics? After all, the leading plot of any monumental Soviet panel picture was life and work of a „typical“ citizen.

Made in Kyiv & Donetsk – 16 min – R: Kateryna Zaporozhets
They say whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. But how do you start everything over without losing interest to life? New home, new friends, new job, new family, new values…

In Anwesenheit der Kurzfilm-Regisseurin und -Kuratorin Nadia Parfan!



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